10 Reasons To Travel To Turkey

Turkey ranks at the top as one of our favourite countries to backpack through. It’s one of the cheapest countries in the world and it also has some of the best cuisine. We were only going to spend three and a half weeks there but ended up spending five weeks! There’s so much to see ...
Turkey Travel Guide

Budget Backpacking Guide To Turkey

Turkey is perhaps one of the great under-rated travel destinations of our time. Sure the west is a popular tourist destination frequented as a party holiday for many European travellers, but the east remains an untouched, authentic world which beckons adventurous backpackers to explore. This is one of the cheapest countries to travel and it’s ...

Travelling to Istanbul, Turkey

We left Tbilisi, Georgia at 11:00 am on July, 5th and prepared ourselves for a gruelling 26 hour overnight bus ride to the Turkish Capital, Istanbul. Within the first 10 minutes, to our relief, the air conditioning started pumping and the long journey was actually very comfortable; as you can see by the flattering pass-out-pic ...

Tbilisi, Georgia – A Quick Trip Through The Caucasus Countries

After being in Turkey for four weeks we thought we’d switch it up a bit and head further East into the neighbouring country of Georgia-one of the three Caucasus countries (Armenia and Azerbaijan are the other two). Georgia’s past (both happy and war torn) has given it a fascinating mix of influences from Turkey, Russia, ...

Backpacking Eastern Turkey – Van, Kars & Ani

We arrived in Van in the evening and checked into our hostel we had booked. Had a quick bite to eat and were off to bed…totally exhausted after the hotbox of a bus ride! The next day we went to see the Van Castle, set high up on a massive rock overlooking the lake. There ...

Backpacking Mt. Nemrut & Diyarbakir, Turkey

After our amazing experiences in Sanliurfa and Harran we set out on a convoluted journey to Mt. Nemrut. As with most of our backpacking days, it was a very long travel day!  It took us 4 sweltering hot buses to get to our hotel near the summit and luckily at 2150 meters above sea level ...
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