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"Tha​​​​nk-you from my core!"

I don't know how to say thank . but I really wants to say THANK YOU from my core . You guys are really inspiring me for my travel . I don't have so much money in my pocket . but after reading your eBook i found my way . now I am in planing stage for my Malayasia & Vietnam trip after six month . I am really looking forward . By the way i am a photographer and i love to travel and landscape photography . That is everything for me

- Nilanjan Chakraborty


"Thanks for the tips in this book!"

Thank you for sharing your ideas in the book. I'm looking forward to trying some of them out when I next go on a trip.

- Helga Will


"Thank you guys for all the information you put out there for travellers like myself"

I had to thank you guys for all the information you put out there for travelers like myself and Vicky (my girlfriend and traveling partner) and to ask for some advice.

We left our home in the South of England just over a year ago, traveling across SouthEast Asia and on to Australia so we can work hard and save up again to travel further. Thanks for the tips in the ebook!

- Charlie & Vicky

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