The stunning Gallipoli coast during sunset.

15 Best Things To Do in Gallipoli in 2023

In this post, I’ll share with you the 15 best things to do in Gallipoli. Located in Puglia, Italy this is one of the best places to visit in the region. This beautiful coastal town was founded by the ancient Greeks. It retains a strong Greek influence today and features gorgeous views of the Ionian ...
promenade along the sea of Otranto

15 Best Things To Do in Otranto in 2023

Otranto is an ancient fortified town located in the far southeastern corner of Puglia, Italy. The town’s mixture of history and culture makes it a fantastic place to explore, and there are plenty of things to do in Otranto. Whether you’re looking to explore the town’s historic sights and experience its culture, gorge on delicious ...
The Bari Margherita theater in Italy looked stunning against the bright blue sky

Where to Stay in Bari in 2023 (Best Areas and Places)

Bari is a major city on the Adriatic Sea, in the southeastern Italian region of Puglia. If you’re looking for places to stay in Bari, you’re in luck. I know the city well and have put together this comprehensive guide to help you choose the right place to base yourself. It’s one of my favorite ...
Panoramic view across the harbor of Brindisi with old fortification

15 Best Things To Do in Brindisi in 2023

The picturesque city of Brindisi is full of important historical monuments, cultural attractions, tasty food, and fun activities to enjoy. From its ancient churches to its lively nightlife and vibrant harborfront, here are 15 things to do in Brindisi to help you plan your perfect trip. Last year I spent a few weeks exploring the ...
The beautiful Lecce in southern Italy.

15 Best Places to Visit in Puglia in 2023

In this post, I’ll introduce you to some of the best places to visit in Puglia. I spent time in Puglia earlier this year, and can confidently call it one of my favorite regions to travel to in Italy.   Making up the “heel” of the country’s boot-shaped mainland, this sun-baked corner of Europe is ...
The stunning Roman Amphitheater of Lecce in Italy

15 Best Things To Do in Lecce, Italy

The southeastern Italian region of Puglia has no shortage of amazing places to visit; Bari, Monopoli, Alberobello, and Ostuni, to name but a few. In this post, I’ve written about the best things to do in Lecce – one of my favorite Puglian towns. Lecce is a beautiful, historic city that’s often referred to as ...
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