51 Best Things To Do In Malta

Ever wonder why Malta has always been one of the top European tourist destinations all year round? Are you one of those travelers who fantasizes about this perfectly sun-kissed tropical paradise? Well, dream no more. There are so many things to do in Malta that you’ll likely find yourself wishing you had more time to ...
cost of living in malta as a digital nomad

Cost of Living in Malta: A Guide For Digital Nomads

Due to Malta’s proximity to Italy and its location on the stunning Mediterranean Sea, you probably assume that Malta is an an expensive country to live in, but surprisingly, it’s not! Based on our firsthand experience living in Malta for two months, we can say that the cost of living in Malta can be as ...
living and working abroad in malta

A Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Malta

Is Malta a good place for digital nomads? What’s the wifi like in Malta? Are there cheap apartments in Malta? These are just some of the questions we had before deciding to pack up and move to this beautiful Mediterranean archipelago for two months. We knew very little about Malta before going there, and yet, it ...
guide to the best restaurants in malta

A Guide to The Best Restaurants in Malta

Malta may be a small island, but there are endless restaurants and a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. Finding the best restaurants in Malta is a bit of a task, as all eateries are not created equal. Whether you’re interested in a casual meal out, some street eats, or a more upscale plate ...
travel to malta photos to inspire you to visit malta and gozo

21 Photos That Will Inspire You to Travel to Malta

Have you ever heard of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta? This is a country that both surprised and delighted us during our travels through Central and Eastern Europe. After doing some research we soon realized that: 1) There wasn’t much information available online from other travellers, and 2) Malta sounded like a place we could ...
things to do in malta as a digital nomad cost of living

The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Malta

We ended up visiting Malta and living on this tiny, beautiful archipelago for 2 months and from our experience we’ve put together this epic guide for a holiday in Malta. Somehow this small rock bobbing in the Mediterranean Sea has managed to stay off the radar for most travellers. Aside from some British holiday makers and a ...
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