Our Plan Is To Never Plan

Over the past few years, our lives have changed dramatically. First we left on an epic journey that completely transformed our outlook on the world and now we’ve been English Teachers. We’ve slowly weened ourselves off of 9-5 work and now our future looks brighter than ever.

We’ve recently started making some money from this and we now see the possibility to live life completely location independent. This new world is so exciting that we literally get giddy when we talk about our future.

But what is our future?

We’ve decided to take this trip and it will be our last trip. That’s right, no more trips… from now on we’re just living our life on the road. The word trip ensues that there will be a finite date on which it will end. There will be no end date for us. We want to be perpetual travellers! We love long trips, and although we know how to budget for a 1 year trip, it may be hard to budget our travels when on the road for an undetermined amount of time. We’ll have to cross that road when we come to it.

travelling the world
Setting off on our last “trip”

We want to take the world as it comes at us and never really plan for anything anymore. We’d like to plan less for travel as well. If there’s no date which we have to be home, we believe that we will travel in a different way. We won’t have to rush to get from point A to point B and we’ll be able to just stop and live in cities we enjoy. Maybe spending a week here and a month there.

So what has enabled us to take this leap into a world of endless travel?

Nothing really. We’re not making enough from the website yet to support our travels and we didn’t inherit a ridiculous amount of money. We’ve just realized the power of “going with the flow” and how everything always works out.

There’s no reason why everything has to be planned. We as a species have been so conditioned to believe that you need to plan for your future and plan for retirement, many people even have plans to make plans. Why? 

Some people may argue that if we don’t plan for our retirement then we’ll end up 70 years old with no money, living on the streets. Is that really possible? We’ve lived our whole life with a financial cushion in our banks and we’ve found numerous ways to make money both online and remotely.

teaching english in china
Teaching English is a great way to make money overseas…and have fun while doing it!

Why would things be different at 70 years old?

We always put away some money for savings. Our cushion grows and the more it grows the more comfortable we feel. We’ll continue living our life with no plan until we decide that it’s no longer fulfilling. But I’m not sure when a life of experiences will cease to fulfill.

Could there ever be a time when diving with humpback whales is no longer interesting? Would new cultures ever become old? Will we tire of summitting mountain ranges, laying on beaches, swimming in waterfalls and exploring temples?

backpacking thailand
How could we get tired of this?!

There may be a time when we need to settle down and relax again, and we’re not against that. We’re not saying that our lives are always going to be spent travelling the world, but we’re just going to continue to do what makes us happy.

We do know of people who are 60+ and still travelling the world on long trips. Our friend Bernie is always an inspiration to us, as he has taken time to do extensive travelling in his (almost) 60 years of life.

Our Plan Is To Never Plan
Travelling with Bernie, a true inspiration! 

We believe that travel encompasses almost everything that life has to offer. Name something in life you enjoy and you can probably do it while travelling.  I don’t see our life reverting back anytime soon and so long as we’re free and ridiculously happy, we’ll continue to live our life this way.

Care-free, debt-free and plan-free!

Where do you find your fulfillment? Family? Work? Hobbies? Tell us in the comments below!

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Our Plan Is To Never Plan

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Written by

Nick Wharton & Dariece Swift

Nick Wharton and Dariece Swift are the owners and founders of Goats On The Road. Together they have been travelling and working abroad since 2008 and have more than 20 years of combined experience in online business, finance, travel and entrepreneurship. Their expert advice has been featured on the Lonely Planet, CNN Money, Business Insider,  WiseBread and Forbes and they also spoke at the World Tourism Forum in Istanbul about the business of travel blogging. Learn more about Nick Wharton and Dariece Swift on their respective author archives on this site and on the Goats On The Road About Us Page.

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