Welcome to Pheonix

The Website

First we would like to give a big thank-you to our own Agentredeye for the amazing logo design, as well as continuing on to make the custom guild signature banners. This wouldn’t be half as amazing without you!

We encourage all members to register for the forum, as we do provide many excellent guides and tools for you. The links in the banner bar are for the main area of the site, the forum links you will find inside that area, or through the quick links on the right.

Welcome to Pheonix!

A Brief History

Pheonix is one of the only guilds in Arcane Legends that has endured the trials of time. Formed in November 2012, it has had only 3 Masters since that time. Serancha took the Master’s chair in June, 2013, with the daunting task of building the guild from the ground up again, after an accident by her predecessor left the member list empty.

With a small core of members the guild was started over, and this time they did it right. It took months of incredible effort by every loyal and dedicated member, and was worth every minute. Thanks to a communal desire for unhindered excellence, Pheonix is now soaring higher than ever before.

The guild has changed much from it’s first days. Those scary times of spam recruiting, 3200 members and all that went with it are in the past. We have restructured and refined our way to the pro leagues, have just over 300 members and have consistently remained one of the top 5 guilds of Arcane since the end of August, 2013.