About the Guild

Who We Are

Pheonix is a small group of about 300, who work together and individually to set and accomplish goals. We are a unique group where everyone has a single thing in common. We all enjoy facing challenges and overcoming them, only to discover that we are capable of doing far more than we ever thought possible.

To enable everyone to enjoy their challenges, Pheonix maintains a totally drama-free environment which is focused on goals. Our members are mostly adults who share this common drive to excel. We’re serious about enjoying ourselves, and are willing to put in the effort needed to achieve our goals. We are not afraid to try new things, and don’t rely on others for everyday tasks. Our guildmates are here to enjoy Arcane Legends with, as companions, equals and team mates.

We don’t tolerate anyone or anything that brings a negative, hostile, arrogant, aggressive or stressful tone into the guild. Any issues that might arise are dealt with quickly and appropriately by our team. Either help will be provided in resolving a miscommunication or, if necessary, the source of the problem will be removed swiftly with a firm kick out the door.

This has been a top 5 guild since August 2013. As a top guild, we expect our members to represent the Pheonix name with integrity, pride and maturity. If you belong here, this is your default mindset, so fitting in with us will feel just like coming home.

Current entry requirements

To ensure the best experience for all, applicants must have stats above the minimum requirements shown below. (Updated July 17, 2015)

Health 7000
Armour 2200
Damage 470 / 500 with damage pet

3500 health (3700+ with Malison)
1250 armour
660 damage / 740 with damage % pet on

3500 health (3700+ with Malison)
1650 armour
630 damage / 710 with damage % pet on

A mminimum of 60K pve kills is also required to join the guild.

Must be using proper pets – Malison or better. If you can’t afford at least a Malison, that means you also can’t afford ankhs, so not much good to an elite guild.

If this sounds like you and describes the kind of elite quality experience you are looking for, the guild protocols are viewable here.

For an introduction, PM a request message to one of our team members (listed below). If you do not get an immediate response, please be patient. When our members are in a zone for farming / pvp / working on pve etc, it can take some time before we are able to respond, but we will!


Guild Master: Serancha


Our officer team has been hand picked for loyalty, participation, dedication to their crafts, and strong leadership skills to go along with their amazing personalities. Introducing the backbones of the operation:

Bluesparky, Bronyaur, Guildhopper,
Donslayer, Jeremyfr, Raregem, Ravagerx,
Rockcandy, Shinycrit, Stabinmobile, Tetter

Recruitment Team:

These are the most quality-minded individuals of our member base, who put the guild first and are the first line of quality control. These are the ones who make it all happen:

Asphynxia, Bigboyblue, Commie, Disarrayxx, Fratmosfear, Icewine,
Manhands, Ogianep, Rapacoeh, Wallnut