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Landscape to ruined Kanine Castle and Shushica mountain in Vlore region, Albania.

15 Best Things To Do in Vlore in 2023 (Attractions & Activities)

There are plenty of great things to do in Vlore, and it’s a great place to base yourself to explore not only the attractions in Vlore but those in the lovely neighboring towns along the coast too. Vlore is considered to be the oldest city in Albania, and so the history here is long and ...
View of Timios Stavros Monastery outdoor porches in town of Omodos

15 Best Things To Do in Cyprus in 2023 (Attractions & Activities)

I can tell you first-hand that there are many incredible things to do in Cyprus. It’s home to some amazing beaches, mountains, and waterfalls to climb and explore, as well as some fantastic wineries. If you decide to visit Cyprus as I did, you won’t be stuck for things to do. In addition to the ...
Saint Elijah church on top of a hill in Korce, Albania

15 Best Things To Do in Korce, Albania in 2023

There are lots of fantastic things to do in Korce. Also known as Korca, Korcha, Kortcha, Korça, or Korçë, there are so many things to keep you occupied in this lovely little city in the southeast of Albania. It’s just three hours from Tirana, and is best known as being the home of the popular ...
The Old Ottoman Mesi Bridge in Shkoder

15 Best Things To Do in Shkoder, Albania in 2023

There are lots of fantastic things to do in Shkoder, a cool, lake-side town in the North of Albania. Shkoder is probably one of the most underrated places in Albania. It’s Albania’s cultural capital and has a fun atmosphere, a perfectly picturesque city center to explore, and plenty of cool things to do. Shkoder is ...
An aerial bird's view of Zygi fishing village port during daylight in Larna, Cyprus.

15 Best Things To Do in Larnaca, Cyprus in 2023

There are so many amazing things to do in Larnaca, the lively and beautiful beach-front city on the south coast of Cyprus. Larnaca boasts golden sand beaches, interesting history, and an excellent location for exploring the rest of Cyprus. I’ve spent around 4 months living in Cyprus as a digital nomad, and I loved exploring ...
Albanian sea beach promenade in Durres from above.

15 Best Things To Do in Durres in 2023 (Top Attractions and Activities)

There are so many things to do in Durres, Albania’s most ancient city located on the Adriatic Sea. Whether you love the beach or are a history buff, there are some great places to visit in Durres for every kind of traveler. I spent over 2 months exploring Albania, which included spending time sightseeing the ...
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